IT Profession (Integrator Technology)

Integrador de TecnologiaInformation technology is present in the daily lives of everyone goes through stages of innovation to come out and turn routine. The best innovation is that we remember not be innovative , but a normal tool in our lives .

Often the technology already exists somewhere in the world and to join with other technologies we can find solutions to existing problems .

I decided to set a little routine this person called ” Integrating Technology ” and the problems encountered when looking for the same transform an idea into a technological solution .

1. Normally the inspiration for the solution of a problem when researching a technology emerges ;

2. Studying the technology , the problem can be solved and often ends up joining other technologies to achieve the desired result ;

3. Studies all the technologies involved and how to apply them ;

4. Once convinced of the solution , start meetings with suppliers worldwide. Today we managed to reach the world through Skype, Hangouts and realize true globalized meetings , facing problems of time zones and languages ​​; We debated about prices, terms , specifications , etc. ; There is a need for emotional engagement of all providers , ie it becomes easier for the integrator when the vision of the solution is to be shared with new suppliers technology partners ;

5. At this time the integrator is not longer alone , now has specialists in various technologies to help reach your goal ; It’s the most exciting part of the project, the moment in which an Idea yours, now this is shared by many who seek to achieve the solution .

6. Technological solutions rely on software licensing , and service solutions ;

7. After Technological Solution found , problems arise Financing . The solution has to be financially viable , even though divided into various parts of the world and experiencing different currencies ;

8. When passing through technological and financial steps we have a product ready ;

9. The Integrator , after much work , often years of investment of time, knowledge and anxiety finally offer this new product to the public, to the end user ;

10. Finally, the product can no longer be an innovation and spending the lives of many as a routine solution to a problem that was solved , or not being accepted by the market and be forgotten .

How Integrator Technology have achieved success in many of our projects and today we are offering more than an idea becomes a product accessible to the public. In a few hours we are reaping the results .

When human beings can transform ideas into solutions and applies them to everyday people, this human being reaches its goal of technological and personal professional life. The Integrator Technology is not only a professional but a dreamer . That we can transform the maximum dreams into realities .

Inspiration and knowledge for the benefit of humanity . ( Integrator Technology )


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