BYOD – The road to the future of technology begins to be built.

BYOD1Increasingly people use technology in their daily routine, their smartphones, tablets and notebooks are inseparable, are practically family. The CIO (Chief Information Officer), the guy responsible for all the technology company’s needs now and manage your internal network, allowing information to reach everyone.

In 2013 two technologies need to be adopted in the Corporate World, as the already released “Cloud Computing – Cloud” and little known BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). ‘m Not talking about technological fad rather than technological need.

In 2010 already we adopted cloud computing in the Legislative Hall of Fortaleza in 2011 and took into the Cloud School (Door Education Project). While the world debated the Cloud, we adopted our concept for this technology, we understand how Cloud uniting all existing technologies to facilitate access to information, or have information you need without the need for any technical knowledge .

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) tells the CIO that people need information using their Smartphones, Tablets, etc.. The Information can not be stuck in a Technological Center, need to be free and accessible to everyone, 24 hours a day, must be accessible without technological complications, need simply to inform.

Every brings innovative technology called “Fear” technology, CIOs are practically frozen to hear they need to deliver information to anyone, devices that are not being monitored 24 hours on the network and tend to “Stepping on the brake.”

A Notice to my friends CIOs, “Let us dare” put their technology skills, especially as CIOs Dinosaurs, the service of humanity. As users feel the need of information and technology as Integrators are responsible for this to occur.

A hug to all who are making the future happen today, we continue on this path.


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