When the school has a cloud the result is a Rain Knowledge! @projetodoor


biblioteca_doorWe adopt the concept of cloud computing as the deployment of all technology resources targeting the common usage. In 2010 we implemented a Cloud in the Municipality of Fortaleza and can further streamline processes computerized the Legislature, which facilitated further interaction between the citizen and the government and earned another National Award for Technology in 2011.


In 2011 we turned our vision for Education and created a design that led to Cloud Computing into the Classroom, Teacher qualification prioritize the use of technology and economics to school.


The Door Education Project called “Door to Education” allowing the inclusion of this school in the technological world, and the low cost technology upgrade whenever necessary.


The schools are being equipped with digital whiteboards (in all rooms) and an innovative system of storing and sharing information that is on the teacher’s command.


Instead of banning the use of Smartphones and Tablets in the room, our design allows the student to interact with the class through your device, makes the class more interactive, takes the information from the World Wide Web – Internet into the classroom classroom.


Professor spends using the Internet as a learning tool. Imagine a Geography lesson using Google Earth, a history lesson with a virtual visit to the main museums of the world, etc..


Joining the Information Technology Education is very gratifying, bringing the language of this youth for the classroom is to enable our children to achieve the knowledge in real time.


The Door Design Education is available to all schools of Brazil and lets bring the future into the classroom this.


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