RFID Technology! Medical or Monster?

Definition of RFID in Wikipedia: Radio Frequency Identification or RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) is an automatic identification method using radio signals, storing and retrieving data remotely using devices called RFID tags.

As Information Technology Consultant decided to write this post about this amazing technology that is still largely unexplored and full of polemics.

Humanity lives with various types of identification, possess identity card, student ID, cpf, passport, phone numbers, etc.. We are recognized for our friends and family by our Christian name and for public and private companies for our numbers.

RFID technology allows you to create a identification (badge, label, etc.) that can be read without physical contact and thus the first controversy arises, many people believe that it affects our privacy. Because RFID is already used widely in control herds, one reaches the point of comparing humans with cattle that is being monitored.

Well I will talk a great truth that we live every day and we wonder not, because in practice it does not affect our daily routine or our privacy, as we are monitored 24 hours anywhere in the world.

How? Just as you have a device called Mobile. Every cell is being monitored 24 hours by the various antennas and satellites, or we could not communicate using these devices. The Mobile works just like an RFID card, each unit has a number of manufactures called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity / International Mobile Equipment Identification) and CHIP with our phone number, which the operator provides information on who is using that cell.

Well, we are already monitored!

We are developing some projects with RFID and will be writing about this revolution in coming posts, as the progress of the projects.

Francisco Cavalcante


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