The inspiration that drives the technology

CloudAll the expertise of a CIO (Chief Information Officer) is useless without the so-called technological inspiration.
Interesting to see the testimony of writers, composers and persons linked to culture, when they speak of inspiration in his work. Some say they were in a restaurant in a plane, or even in the bath and came the thought, which ended up generating a beautiful song, a new recipe, that wonderful newspaper article.

As CIO, often by reading an IT magazine, a newspaper article, participating in a project of an entirely different purpose, or that thought would come, often comes a technology project is fully implemented and becomes something innovative and with some time, indispensable and routine in our lives.

Some examples we have experienced:

* In a plenary session of the legislative reform of Fortaleza City in 1997, the House leadership decided to split the plenary with a wall and put the crew more isolated from the Plenary, the officials would give more privacy in their work. It was done. For Employees could follow the session and do their jobs, were placed two webcams, which captured the image of the session in real time, and reproduce it through a small monitor, for these officials. The House was already a year on the Internet, so I suggested to the President, the purchase of a computer with video capture card and taking advantage of the monitor image and sound table of the House, we transmit the Plenary Sessions, Live in World Wide Web. A few years later created the Legislative TV, now called TV Fortaleza.

* We were invited to participate in the IV National Meeting of the Legislature Applied Computing (ENIAL IV), in Salvador in 1999. We were demonstrating the Computerized Systems House, on a big screen in an auditorium Legislative Houses throughout Brazil. Looking to the side, I saw that all the houses presented their legislative systems, and although we were showing some new features such as Electronic Document, there’s this idea of ​​showing something different. Was currently taking place in Fortaleza, a plenary session, Chaired by Councilman Jose Maria Couto. I picked up the phone, I called and informed the President that would broadcast the session live, the big screen. And streams through a link, Lo and behold, the incredible speed of 64 Kbps. We were in Salvador, live, giving a Plenary Session of the City of Fortaleza and interacting through an old Motorola. Our presentation was packed, fellow legislative houses in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Minas, and others did not believe what we were doing. Only believed we were broadcasting live, when the President congratulated all the events that occurred at that time and recorded in the minutes to the story of Fortaleza.

We could spend hours writing about inspiration and reality, and continue describing small things that contributed a little to the advancement of technology in the past, more as an enthusiast of the innovations we are devoting ourselves to developing new projects to be held the inspirations for the future, not the one that seems so far and the Future Today. Reactivated our technology company and we are planting seeds that will be fruit trees in our daily life connected to technology.

CIO of City Hall came into existence with CEO of Enterprise Consulting. A company created 27 years already making our technological dreams of the Future Today.


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  1. Você deve realmente pensar sobre empenhados em criar este blog para uma autoridade séria neste mercado. Você evidentemente tem um acordo com a compreensão dos assuntos todos parecem estar tentando encontrar neste site e de qualquer maneira que você poderia possivelmente na verdade até ganhar um dinheirinho ou dois fora de algumas propagandas . Eu descobrir seguintes assuntos atuais e elevar a quantidade de ups escrever-lhe lugar e eu garanto que você começar a ver algum tráfego soberba focada num futuro próximo . Apenas um pensamento , boa sorte em não importa o que você faz!

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