Education in the Cloud

I wonder what would really be a technological innovation? A Simple newness of equipment or computer programs?

I always had as a New Innovation which is now part of the routine of our lives, often without we notice. We have many examples like the landline that was replaced by the cell, the vinyl record which became a CD and Download Today, the typewriter that has become our personal computer, among others.

The suggested some time on Twitter (@ cavalcante_ceo) the idea, hitherto revolutionary or innovative, creating a cloud for use in private education. Our children would not have to carry heavy backpacks to school (ergometry), teachers could interact with their students via cell phones, tablets, digital whiteboards or any technological device used by our youth. It would be a breakthrough in education, a new way of teaching, a greater incentive to our young people and educators. More accurate information, updated in real time in class time during the course of world events.

The technology already existed, what was missing then? The answer in one word: Courage.

The Courage to an educational institution, which take the first step.

Recalling Neil Armstrong, commander of Apollo 11 in December 1968 and his epic phrase, “This is a small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” said the first step on the lunar surface.

The College Ari de Sá (Cavalcante coincidentally) just reported its students using Tablet next year to replace books. Rules are formulated, implemented and tested technologies, forms of application of this innovation are studied. What we are finding as a major innovation, is to become a normal routine of Education, which begins in Fortaleza.

Congratulations Ari de Sá. Congratulations to the New Style of Education and Our Brazil that begins a journey of no return, simply taking the first step.

Francisco Cavalcante


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