What is more important the Design or the Content?

Yesterday it was in a meeting with Journalists, Directors, Lawyers and other personalities that tend to give opinions and that in reality understand little of Technology of the Information.
The Subject on the agenda it was the Design used in the site of a company.

This company already maintains your site in the air since 1997, practically I begin him/it of the commercial use of Internet in Brazil.

I Dialogue it was more or less like this it:

The Other ones:
– Our site needs to be reformulated. He is Ugly!

– From the creation of the site the priority was your content and today we are recognized by that. I harmonize that arrived the hour of improving the Design. I suggest an internal Workshop for us to take advantage of the several users’ of the site suggestions!

And the chat Continued for several hours. With you vary opinions and until the moment without a definitive result.

I left the Meeting and I was thinking about the Ugly ” term “, that doesn’t leave the head. A site that already received several national and international prizes and for the new direction of the company it is considered archaic, difficult to navigate? a site that receives visits of more than 50 countries in one month, more than 1500 visits day, without any popularization that not the internet, and for the company it is ” Ugly “.

I work with computer science since my 14 years of age and I remembered Marcos Vinícius, a friend of the time in that developed programs of computers for you conspire like D8000 of Dismac, using Linguagem Basic, recording data in Ribbon and already winning some money with computer science.

Marcos arrived a bothered day and it let off steam:
– Cavalcante, several days I passed developing a control of stock of goods for a Drugstore and finally I presented the program ready, all functional, making everything that was requested by the owner of the drugstore.
After introducing everything that the program did, I received the following comment:
– Really this perfect one, more the program is very ” Ugly “!
My friend was razed, after a lot of effort, of using what he found to be all your capacity, that word that got right as a Bomb came: Ugly “!.

I decided to try to help:

We passed you vary hours making modifications in the program, only in the Layout.
We had the idea of placing a rotative banner with the name of the Drugstore being shown soon in I begin him/it, the logo also had only prominence, and other modifications of Layout. We didn’t have to move in operational of the program.

The other day Marcos returned the Drugstore and it presented the new Program, we could call version Plus.

It was a marvel!
The Owner of the Drugstore called your employees to see the program.
He didn’t stop commenting Banner that was rotating with the name of the Drugstore in the part from the screen.
All adored the work. Everything Perfect!

At this time we ended: ” The Layout wins the Content “!

” You will never get to please all, always have as objective your satisfaction in seeing that you get with patience to overcome all the obstacles that appear “.


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